Saturday, April 19, 2008

Finally, Some Knitting

I finally have an FO of the knitted kind.

I haven't had much time to knit after the little guy was born. Well, perhaps this isn't true. I actually do have time when he's napping, but I'm often so exhausted that I don't have the mental capacity to start knitting. I should -- since knitting relaxes me so much.

Here's my most recent FO.

Pattern: Ribs & Cables Scarf by Knitting Arts

Yarn: Blue Sky Worsted (Color 2012) x 3

It was a super easy project, but I really wish I used cashmere for this like the sample at the store. The wool is chunky and slightly itchy and it's not as soft and light as the sample. I cheaped out -- though at $19.50 x 3 skeins, it wasn't super-cheap.

Not sure if I'll actually use this scarf. Another one for the "Made but Never Wear" bin until I figure out what to transform it into next.

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