Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Give You....

Le Sock!

"Oh, but Petsura, surely it must be les socks!" Do you say?

Mais, non!

I made a sock. Just one sock. I have no plans to make its partner.

Why? Because I bought enough yarn to make a couple of pairs of baby socks. That was before -- when naively, I thought that making an itty bitty sock would be easier than making a big one. BIG mistake. For the record, it's hell of a lot more difficult knitting itty bitty socks when you're totally inept and you feel like you're knitting on toothpicks while wearing oven mitts. So, a quick change of plans and I decided to make my first adult sock, not my first pair of socks, mind you, just one sock, using this yarn.... and there isn't enough for another.

So, introducing, my first sock ever. I taught myself how to knit a sock. I'm so pleased with myself.

But I think my next project will be a complete pair. I want to find out why so many knitters (and their spouses) are crazy about hand knitted socks. People go crazy for hand knitted socks. Did you know that? I never knew socks were something to go crazy for.... but then again, we all thought that about coffee before Starbucks.

Pattern: Butterfly Socks from Chicks with Sticks (Knit Two Together) -- didn't realize it's a book for young adults when I checked it out from the library.... awful read for a grown woman, but decent pattern.

Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock

Color: Amethyst Stripe 503

Needle Size: 0

Result: Rib is a bit too tight, three needle bind off is too bulky, but for a first time effort, ain't so bad. Next time, I'll try the kitchener stitch.

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