Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tumbling Tumbleweed

Last summer, we joined a CSA (community supported agriculture) called Two Small Farms. They deliver a box of organic produce each week from two local organic farms. We enjoyed it so much that we've joined again this season.

At first, I was taken aback by all the vegetables I've never used before. I think of myself as a fairly adventurous cook, but since I've been married, I've mostly cooked husband-friendly foods -- typically Asian. So, to receive all these vegetables I've only seen on display at Whole Foods, but never tried before, was a bit intimidating in the beginning. But luckily, this CSA makes it easy by including weekly newsletters with descriptions of the vegetables and different recipes from famous local chefs and its members.

The Kid and I have grown to love so many new vegetables we've tried through this service -- chard, kale, spigariello, parsnips and this year, tumbleweed.

Yes, tumbleweed. Tumbling tumbleweed. Well, a close relative of tumbleweed called agretti.

The Kid loves this stuff. I do, too. It tastes great -- a little salty, a bit sour, great texture. But what I love most about agretti is that it puts his imagination in super-drive.

"Did cowboys stop and pick the tumbleweed?"
"Did they cook it in the desert?"
"Did cowboys cook it with olive oil?"
"Did cowboys saute it with garlic, too?"
"Did the cowboys like the tumbleweed?"
"I think I'm turning into a cowboy now. You think?"

I must get at least a hundred cowboy related questions each time I serve it up. It's nutritious and good for the imagination.

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