Friday, October 24, 2008

Not Much to Brag About

There hasn't been a lot of creative activities going on chez nous these days. My days seem to whiz by, with to do lists to check off, but nothing really worth mentioning and end just after I get the chaos under control. I find myself stunned and vegetative in front of the TV with my never-going-to-finish knitting project sitting on my lap.

I did, however, make a banana chiffon cake a couple of times because I got tired of throwing away over-ripe bananas.

It appears that most of the inhabitants here prefer slightly green bananas and once they spy even a tiny brown spot, no one will touch said banana...

Wasteful? Yes.

I tried a couple of banana bread recipes in the past, but The Kid didn't really like any of them. Finally, I remembered the book of desserts by a Japanese author named Makiko Fujino which has a recipe for banana chiffon cake and gave it a try.

The Kid loves to make meringue using the KitchenAid. He loves smashing the bananas. He loves licking the bowl and standing in front of the oven, watching the cake rise.

AND he loved wolfing down the banana chiffon cake. He gave me a big "thumbs up" sign and an enthusiastic "de-WISH-ous!"

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