Monday, March 16, 2009

Carbs, Carbs, Glorious Carbs!

Oh, the irony of being on the South Beach Diet while baking so much the past few weeks!

I think it's my way of reconnecting with myself, gathering back together my scattered sanity, after a few months of everyone being sick in this household.

First, the lemon bread, then the ying-yang cookies and last week, I made soft pretzels with the little guy on a particularly difficult day when he was so sick, couldn't sleep and wouldn't stop crying crocodile tears unless I held him on my lap.

I cycled through so many activities to keep him entertained and at one point, rather than playing with Play-Doh and reminding him not to eat it every five minutes, I opted to make some soft pretzels with him. Once we put the dough together, I gave him his very own piece of dough to play with while I shaped some germ-free dough into mini-pretzels.

The little guy had a great time kneading his little bit of dough, rolling it around on our pastry board and eventually rolling it all over the kitchen floor while making sure all the dust and dog hair he found was nicely incorporated.

The pretzels (minus the one covered with bits of dessicated food and dog hair) turned out great.

And I will admit that I tasted one... or maybe two.

To heck with South Beach! A woman needs a bit of carbs to maintain her sanity.

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