Friday, April 17, 2009

Fighting M O N O T O N Y

The monotony of cooking and eating the same thing over and over again can get a little, well, monotonous at times.

And while I try really hard to keep things interesting around here, there are limitations -- Hubby doesn't like fancy foods, he'd rather have simple Chinese food or pasta with sauce out of a bottle fancied up with meat and onions, and The Kid likes to eat what he's used to, though for a 5 year old, he has been a fairly adventurous eater thus far.

It's always interesting to eat at other people's homes because we'll come across something really simple that's easy to make and that everyone likes.

And it's great to add something new to our weekly menu.

On our short visit to my parents' house last week, my mom made a simple chicken, marinated in garlic and miso (I'm sure among other things) and grilled it on the fish grill.

The Kid wolfed it down and asked for more -- a good thing, not that we really have much trouble with his eating.

Last night, I made a marinade of miso, sake, garlic, sugar, mirin and a little bit of canola oil and marinated some chicken tenders and thin pork chops for half a day and grilled them on the fish grill.

They came out a bit too salty, so I'll have to decrease the amount of miso the next time, but The Kid immediately recognized the dish as something he ate at his grandmother's.

Both my boys had multiple servings of this meat entree with sky-high sodium content.

Notice my new little serving dish I procured in Japan -- a cheap one at $9. It was between this and another slightly larger, gorgeous one for $120. I think Hubby is proud that I chose this one.

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