Thursday, May 21, 2009

Knock-Your-Pants-Off Coffee Cake

You will never know just how delicious this cinnamon-chocolate chip sour cream cake (or also known as "cubes of colossal cheer") unless you go bake them yourself.

This is a knock-your-pants-off amazing coffee cake that's really worth your while. It's an easy recipe to make, which I can attest to as I had -- count them, one, two -- two assistants helping me out with various tasks (and you know when you have the little helpers, things can go very, very wrong....)

The cake itself is moist and delicious, oh, it is truly drool-worthy.

The chocolaty aroma while the cake was baking made the boys a bit delirious, I think -- they were giggling and dancing around the house. The final product was gorgeous.

As for taste, ours came out a tad too sweet for my taste because I used Ghirardelli bittersweet chips which I normally find smotheringly sweet. Of course, I knew what I may end up with if I used it, but GOSH DARN IT! that was all I had in the pantry and I absolutely had to try out the recipe NOW, if you know what I mean.

Maybe next time, I'll try mini-chocolate chips or perhaps some Callebaut chocolate chips. Or I'm thinking about using fresh fruit like blueberries -- maybe even homegrown blueberries if our three little bushes yield enough for this cake.

No matter what, this recipe is amazing and I will likely be making it for house guests (too dangerous to make for just the family as Hubby has had 5 slices in the past 24 hours...!) and potlucks.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Post-Lent Chocolate Biscotti

A couple of The Kid's teachers at school had given up chocolate for Lent, unbeknownst to me. And being the ever non-Christian parent sending a child to a Christian school, I had taken in baked goods (twice!) both times with chocolate.

Talk about temptation and hardship they endured (inflicted upon them by EVIL me.)

But I promised to make it up to them, that I would make them something super chocolaty as soon as Lent was over.

And TADA! a flurry of baking chocolate-almond biscotti.

There's nothing better than home-made biscotti covered with amazingly luscious, good quality chocolate.... Okay, well, there are other things, but still, this is pretty high up on my list.

Recipe here.
I like to modify the recipe slightly -- especially, replacing the hazelnuts with almonds.