Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rekindling Our Relationship

I bought this slow cooker a couple of years back, with no prior experience with CrockPots or slow cookers. And some how, I had a temporary lapse of judgment and bought into the "bigger is better" mentality, only to be left feeling utterly stupid for coveting a kitchen appliance that is almost as big as a baby tub.

But in an effort to figure out whether to sell this and get a smaller size, I've lugged it out of semi-banishment and started to use it again.

And to my surprise, I quite like it. Yes, I do.

I have a 6 quart pressure cooker that lets me cook soups in under 30 minutes from prep to steaming finish. But there are days when even half an hour is too long for the kids to wait and I need to feed them as soon as we step in the house.

This is where the slow cooker comes in.

I just dump some chicken directly from the freezer, diced carrots, celery, onions, anything else I have in the fridge, herbs and add chicken broth and water and set it on low in the morning. By early afternoon, the house is filled with the wonderful aroma of home-cooked chicken soup that is ready to eat.


I think this slow cooker and I will have another go at our relationship.

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