Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Storm Cloud Shawlette

Storm Cloud Shawlette from Ever Green Knits (pattern here)

Yarn: Blue Sky Cotton
Color: 606

This project took me more or less a week to knit up -- so it's a very quick knit.

The problem was, it took me more than several tries to figure out what yarn to use -- Kidsilk Haze, Habu linen, Blue Sky Cotton. I was busy being indecisive for an entire week with many, many false starts and a lot of frogging.

In the end, my practical side took over and I decided to use the Blue Sky Cotton from my stash (save some $$), which is soft and likely something I could use even on summer evenings here in the Bay Area.

The only problem is that I'm not sure about the color -- it's pink. A very subtle and gorgeous pink, but it's still pink. The yarn was originally designated for a little girl's cardigan, but since I never got around to knitting anything for her, oh well. I like the feel and look of the shawlette, but I'll have to find a good outfit for it so I won't look like some crazy lady trying to wear a little girl's shawl.

Perhaps, I'll try making it in a darker color, which would definitely be more versatile.

The knitting of the shawlette itself was a little bit boring, but it was such a fast knit that it didn't really matter. Good TV knitting, I'd say.

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