Thursday, June 4, 2009

Week 2 Recipe: CrockPot Rotisserie Chicken

The idea of baking a whole chicken in a slow cooker, to me, is just amazing. Not having to hover close to the oven to baste the chicken with it's juices while you, yourself, are roasting in your overheating kitchen? Priceless!

Can it really be this easy?

I had to try this recipe -- the CrockPot rotisserie chicken.

The verdict: it's good. The fam ate the dark meat up for dinner and I had plenty of the breast meat leftover to use for salads for lunch. Yay.

I used a whole skinless chicken that I found at a Chinese supermarket. I rubbed Kosher salt, pepper, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil all over the chicken before throwing it in the slow cooker.

My slow cooker came with a rack, so I didn't have to use the aluminum foil balls that are suggested in the recipe. I roasted on high for four hours and then put it on warm for a couple of hours until dinner time.

Without the skin, the chicken didn't brown much, except parts of the thigh meat, but the meat, even the breast meat was very juicy after four hours. I'll admit that after keeping it on the warm setting for two hours, the breast meat was a little bit dry.

And why would I do this if I can just pick up a delicious rotisserie chicken at the supermarket? Well, it's convenient -- that is if I already have a whole chicken in the freezer -- it saves me a well-timed trip to the market (because you have to get there as the chicken comes out of the oven and before they sell out). Plus, I often notice a strange chemical aftertaste in the store bought chicken and of course, when you make it yourself, you know exactly what you're putting on it.

I think I'll be making this again. I love having some protein to put on my salads for lunch.

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