Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Week 3 Recipe: CrockPot Taco Soup

I like tacos. I love them very much. I am known to sneak a visit to Taco Bell from time to time when the craving gets to be unbearable and I need a quick fix.

So, taco soup just makes sense. What is there not to love, really?

Apparently, a few things...

But doesn't this recipe sound pretty good? Best of all, it's easy!

I went all out and baked cornbread, threw together some guacamole and sauteed fresh, crisp green beans to accompany the CrockPot taco soup and made it a fun dining experience by serving it outside on the deck.

In my opinion, it's pretty good. Though, if I were to make this again, I would change a few things: 1) crush the tomatoes a little more -- I prefer my tomatoes to be cooked into soups and sauces, 2) would definitely forgo the Ranch dressing packet -- too much artificial flavoring that made the soup almost too sweet and over-flavored for my taste, 3) use more kidney beans instead of the pinto beans.

The verdict? The Kid said, "Thank you, it's nice," but I know he was just being polite, judging from the lack of the usual thumbs up and the fact that it took him over an hour to eat a tiny bowl. The baby spit out the pinto beans. And Hubby, well, Hubby just mumbled, "I don't really like beans...."

Okay, no point in making a huge batch of this soup if my people do not like BEANS. (What is so wrong with beans? I ask, completely puzzled.)

This recipe will not be making it into our rotation unless someone is acting up AND I have a craving for taco soup....

What's the count now? 1 (success) to 2 (vetoed)?

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