Monday, June 15, 2009

Week 4 Recipe: CrockPot Indian Butter Chicken

I have an intense love for Indian food.

I love it so much that I can eat it almost everyday. In my fantasy, I am thin, totally hot AND I get to eat Indian food everyday. Every. Single. Day.

Cut back to reality.

Hubby isn't too fond of Indian food. The Kid is a little squeamish about the possibility of spicy food. So, the reality is, I don't get to eat Indian food unless I go out with someone other than my family and they are up for it.

...which means, I rarely or almost never get to have Indian food.

But I've planned and plotted and have been training and brainwashing my little five year old the past two years. I've talked about and glamorized Japanese curry to the point where when I eventually served it to him, he ate it without question and LOVED IT.

The problem is, I've been serving him the slightly-boring-but-better-than-nothing Japanese curry with absolutely no heat. He likes it that way.

And now, this week, I have pushed him to the next level -- the realm of real Indian flavors. Ta Da! Indian butter chicken (recipe here).

Oh, the aroma in the house was amazing throughout the day. The unsuspecting victim of brainwashing Kid and I couldn't wait.

The verdict:
The Kid kept complaining that he couldn't wait to eat dinner, that he was drooling smelling the aroma all day long while the slow cooker very SLOWLY cooked.

When he actually got to sit down for dinner, he took a bite, then, closed his eyes and SIGHED...a huge sigh and gave me a two thumbs up.

That is the ultimate compliment from this five year old.

To top it all off, he said that we need to open a restaurant so that everyone in the world can taste my delicious food. He even offered to be a waiter.

This kid really knows how to compliment a girl.

What I would do differently:
I found the sauce to be a little bit acidic so I added a tablespoon of sugar at the end. Next time, I think I'll add some half-and-half at the end as well. Also, after consulting one of my Indian cookbooks, I found that ground cashews are used in the sauce. I'll probably try to incorporate that next time.

But the sauce was pretty delicious and there was so much leftover, that the next day, I cooked some Garbanzo beans in the pressure cooker and later simmered the beans in the left over sauce. The Kid LOVED this too.

Definitely a keeper!

2 (success) : 2 (vetoed)

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