Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tell Me Why...?

Kids, you are able to eat and, in fact, REALLY enjoy, surprising things like roasted crab, salmon roe over rice, fried calamari with crispy tentacles, smoked salmon and even raw oysters.....

Then why must I endure a GAG-FEST over a dinner of Sloppy Joe's? It's such a simple and traditionally kid-friendly meal... I was so excited to try out this new recipe from -- Everyday Food: Great Food Fast -- with so many delightfully simple, yet healthy and tasty recipes.

Come on, give your mother a break!

What is there not to like about Sloppy Joe's...? It's got carbs (I know you love bread of any kid), cheese (you know you are craving it right now) and the meat which is basically the meat sauce of your favorite "spaghetti with meat sauce"...

Please explain all the gagging I had to witness during this meal.

Oh, and while you're at it, can you also explain why you were both gagging on the Hasselback potatoes I served with the ginger pork the other night???

They are fun! They are tasty! They are basically potato chips that look like potato accordions...!!

I know everyone thinks I am lucky because you both eat "grownup" food.

But you know what? Sometimes, I wish you would occasionally partake in a little bit of Mac 'n Cheese or Sloppy Joe's.... and other traditionally kid-oriented foods.

...because geez, I miss it myself.

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