Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not for Sharing

Sometimes I wonder if I did myself any favors by training my kids to eat real food -- I mean, adult food.

I mean, I do appreciate the fact that we can take them to any restaurant and find them something they enjoy or not make a big fuss when invited to anyone's home for a meal.

But when I make a nice steaming, bowl of clam linguine with all it's garlicky, slurp-worthy wine sauce, it makes me think twice. Or maybe three, four times.

Do I really want to share?

Once again, I slightly modified the Linguine with Clams recipe from Nigella Wilson's How to Eat cookbook (ie added butter!)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Peas and Quiet

We shucked fresh peas from the market.

We roasted an entire head of organic garlic (from our CSA share) for close to an hour.

Not to worry, we also roasted a lemon herb chicken for dinner, too... How wasteful would it be to turn on the oven just for a little garlic!

We also made some crostini, while we had the oven on... There was enough space.

We, minus one particular individual, whirled all the ingredients in the Cuisinart.

We, once again including the loud-sound-adverse individual, picked some mint in the garden.

And we all really, really enjoyed Nigella Lawson's green peas and roasted garlic crostini from her How to Eat cookbook.

Yum. So. Yum.